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The Mooring
Insured & Professional
In business since 1991
We're mooring installation experts!  When you need a
new mooring set, call "The Mooring Man!"  We'll work
with your local Harbor Master to insure all requirements
have been met and placement is correct.  You can sleep
well when you're on one of our moorings!
Set New Moorings:
With our new custom steel Mooring Barge, we can pull
your mooring out of the mud and reset it in other
locations around Narragansett Bay.  If you live outside of
RI,  I designed our mooring barge to be able to be
trucked to other local states.  

For smaller jobs, our
work skiff has many uses.
We power wash your
gear clean.
We paint your clean
mooring ball too.
This could only happed in
Potters Cove.  They run
everything over in there!
We don't use G3
chain but someome
did and it cost him.
This was a Helix
Mooring in Warwick,
We don't install Helix
Three sad sights
thanks to tropical
storm Irene taken in
Wickford, RI.
(Not my customers.)
Relocate Moorings:
Inspect Moorings:
Inspection discounts given to mooring winterize /
summerize customers.  Join now and save!
We can safely perform city and town mooring
inspections.  We use our
new custom steel Mooring
to inspect your mooring the right way!   Call "The
Mooring Man" and we'll take care of everything.  
Inspecting your mooring every 3 years is dangerous!!!  
Every time I perform an inspection, I find real issues.  I
recommend you inspect your mooring every 2 years.
Sales and Service:
We sell quality mooring gear at the lowest prices around.  Call for a
quote today!  Delivery of mooring available.

- 25 lb. -  2,000 lb. mushroom anchors
- 25 lb. -  500 lb. pyramid anchors
- Ballast balls
- Long link chain (3/8', 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1" and 1.25" )
- Forged mooring shackles
- Swivels
- Taylor Made mooring balls, buoys and pick up sticks
- Yale Cordage and New England Rope Pendants
- Winter sticks
Winterize / Summerize:
Let "The Mooring Man" take care of winterizing
and summerizing your mooring for

$150.00 / year *Inside EG cove
Our WINTERIZING service consists of:

1. Remove mooring ball, pendant and pick up stick from water
2. Power wash and store mooring ball, pendant and pick up stick
3. Install our winter stick to your mooring tackle

SUMMERIZING service consists of:

1.  Bottom paint mooring ball                                             
2.  Repaint mooring number if worn off   
3.  Remove winter stick
4.  Install Mooring ball, pendant and float
5.  Check visible tackle to keep you and your boat safe
This 33' viking sank at
Nortons Marina and we  
salvaged the boat.
We service moorings in RI.  Call "The Mooring Man" today at
BEWARE!  Top chain won't
last forever and 3 years
between inspections is too
Call me then feel safe in the
This mooring owner told me "the
guy who inspected it last time
said it should be replaced."  Ya,
I'd say so!!!  The inspector should
also be removed from the
approved inspectors list!!
This shackle was between
the mooring eye and bottom
chain!   We have the
equipment to lift the mooring
and keep you safe!!
This anchor was lifted for
inspection.  We have the
equipment to do the job
This 400 pound mooring stem
broke off when loading which
was great timing!   The stem
broke off because it was a
manufactures defect.  It was
only held on by the shiny clean
ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!  This chain
passed an inspection just prior to
me moving it.  This was the link
closest to the mooring eye.  
Inspections last 3 years and this
boat would have been on the rocks
NO WAY!  The owner of this
mushroom said "it passed an
inspection last year."  We
always do the job right and
would never pass this
mooring eye!!!!  Hire us to
keep you safe.
This pendant is wrapped under
the ball and around the top
chain which are both covered
with sharp barnacles!    
This pendant came
un-wrapped!!  I contacted
the mfg. and they said it
must have tangled under
the ball and caused the
unwrapping.  Very unsafe
but The Mooring Man acted
fast to resolve the issue.
NOTE:  Not responsible if mooring gear breaks during
His "job lot" line broke in
Greenwich Cove.
Even ice doesn't
stop The Mooring